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  • Kapriol Gin

    Kapriol Gin born in 2016 after years of research and testing of the old Kapriol classic recipe, the archetypal mountain dew spirit. Kapriol Gin is a handmade distilled spirit with a long history. It has been produced since 1948 following an old recipe, using mountain herbs, that begins with the careful selection of quality botanical herbs, enhanced by a unique distillation process that has continued for more than a century.

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  • New additional to Prancing Pony Core Range

    Another addition to the family of the Prancing Pony's.. Now there is also a Hazy Pale, let's all meet this new brew called Blaze of Haze! With a 4.8% ABV - this beer is an easy-going, refreshing hazy pale that can be enjoyed all year round. Grab yours now and be the one to introduce it to your friends!
    Available in cans as well as 50L and 20L kegs

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  • Award Winning Red Wine

    We are pleased to see Viña Pomal's work to be recognised and that one of their wines has met some renounced enthusiasts’ high standards This year, Viña Pomal Crianza 2017 was named "Best of Show Rioja" and awarded a gold medal. Thanks, Mundus Vini! This Crianza has a high aromatic intensity. Flowers, black fruits, and liquorice with hints of vanilla and roasted coffee.

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