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    Global Fine Wines was established in 2003 as a premium wine importer and distributor to restaurants, wine bars and fine wine retailers.  Today we represent the produce from acclaimed family winemakers and vignerons in Australia, New Zealand, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Argentinia & Chile  as well as European and Australian craft breweries and distilleries.  All meticulously manage their vineyards and wine-,  beer- and spirit making processes to capture the true terroir expression in their wines, beersand spirits. We are also flattered to see our wine and beer selected by some of the country’s finest wine managers and sommeliers.  They recognise not  only  the high quality and sound value, but also the marvellous unique taste sensations.

    If you are in the trade (e.g. work for a restaurant or wine retailer, consult to the wine industry or write about wine) then simply ask us for our latest catalogue, which we will happily provide you.  Also we are happy to provide more in-depth information about each of the wines, beers and spirits upon your request.. Simply click on ‘Contact’ and complete some basic information. If you are indeed in the trade, we will email you the information requested.We look forward to assisting you with your wine selection from our portfolio.


    We use a multi-tier filtering process to identify truly special wines and beers from various regions across Australia, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Argentinia, Chile and New Zealand.  Compatibility with food is critical.  We also seek a strong relationship with our suppliers to ensure we understand the vineyards, the people and the philosophies behind producing the wines.  We think this is key to being able to serve our customers well.

    CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is of utmost importance us.  We are committed to being easy to deal with. Starting with placing orders, seeing them delivered as promised and resolving any issues should they arise.  We look to partnering with our customers seeking ways for our products and services to boost business performance.

    DELIVERY ​in Sydney in most cases will take place the next day, if ordered in the morning, latest on the following weekday. We also deliver Australia wide in a matter of a few days only.


  • We trust this web site will help you select some of the wonderful wine we have to offer.  However, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the wines in more detail or to request samples or a tasting.  For our customers, we also provide a free wine list advisory service.

    Below: Marko from Global Fine Wines undertaking a wine tasting