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Apron - The Answer

Apron - The Answer

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How about this: A good bottle of vino is the answer to ALL of life’s important questions. Something to celebrate? Bubbles, for sure! Bad day at work? Bring on that bottle of red and put your feet up. Online shopping whilst in your PJs? You’ll certainly be more inspired with a glass of wine. You might just not remember what the question was in the first place…

Our quirky, yet classy winelover aprons are perfect for being stylish and expressing your personality at the same time…a great gift for yourself or loved ones who love their vino just like you. Think Christmas, birthdays, a housewarming present, Mother’s Day..Or just because. If they’re for a serious wine-o, you’ll never be lost for gifting ideas again. And the recipient will know that you really get them. Good work!!

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