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Beniamino Maschio

Beniamino Maschio Grappa Brentè Amarone Barrique

Beniamino Maschio Grappa Brentè Amarone Barrique

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A premium grappa obtained from the batch distillation in small copper boilers of Valpolicella grape pomace that’s fermented in spring and aged for 6 months in small oak casks, where it gains its light-caramel colour.
Agreeably aromatic on the nose, it’s smooth and well-rounded in the mouth, with a long finish, the aromas of the base varietal overlaid with delicate notes of vanilla, cocoa and honey.

Best enjoyed on its own, it can be served at room temperature or slightly chilled (10-16°C).

Appearance:  Light Caramel

Aroma:  base varietal overlaid with hints of vanilla, cocoa and honey

Palate:   Smooth and well rounded with a long finish

Bottle Closure:  Cork

Alcohol:  42%
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