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Beniamino Maschio

Beniamino Maschio Grappa Brentè Bianca Tradizionale

Beniamino Maschio Grappa Brentè Bianca Tradizionale

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San Pietro di Feletto (Veneto), Italy

All the devotion, commitment and sacrifice of a life dedicated to his craft allow our master distiller Beniamino to create this acquavite that’s full of personality.
Traditional clear grappa is made from grape pomace from eastern Veneto.
A smooth, full-flavoured grappa that wins over even the most discerning grappa-lover with the rich and assertive aromas of the pomace from which it’s made.

Appearance:  Crystal  Clear

Aroma:  Gives a long lasting delicate fragrance

Palate:   Smooth to the taste

Bottle Closure:  Cork

Alcohol: 42%
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