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Distilleria dell'Alpe

Distilleria dell'Alpe Rosen Bitter - Rosa Alpina

Distilleria dell'Alpe Rosen Bitter - Rosa Alpina

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San Pietro di Feletto (Veneto), Italy

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Rosen Bitter is an alcoholic liqueur obtained from the infusion of mountain herbs and berries. The infusion takes place in dedicated recipients and last for approximately 20 days. Some essences, as for example the rose one, or the bay tree, are gained by distillation so as to achieve a deeper aromatic intensity. At the end of the process (the infusions and the distillates) are combined. The obtained blend, however, needs to rest for a good 20 days before it can be bottled. This final process is necessary in order to amalgamate all the aromas and thus obtain a bitter with an intense yet harmonious taste, particularly versatile, so as to be the perfect base for many of the most popular cocktails.

The botanicals are singularly infused as soon as they are harvested, respectively in a mixture with different alcohol content, in order to obtain the best possible aromatic result from each raw material. Once the infusion is completed, the solid remains are pressed so as to squeeze all the absorbed
liquids from the spices. Consecutively, the different brews are meticulously filtered and eventually blended among each other in different ratios. The characteristic notes of the creation are given by attentive and accurate research of tastes and aromas, made of tests and experimentations aiming at achieving the harmonious balance among the botanicals.

Appearance:  Ruby Red

Aroma: Infused mountain herbs and berries

Botanicals: Bay Tree, Aloe from “Mossel bay”, Bitter orange, Sweet orange, Flowered wormwood, Cascarilla , Gentian, Licorice, Rhubarb, Calamus root, Alpine rose

Palate: Bitter with an intense yet harmonious taste.

Bottle Closure: Cork

Alcohol:  28%
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