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Graf von Kanitz

Kanitz Riesling Gutswein Trocken

Kanitz Riesling Gutswein Trocken

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The sensory effects is depicted on the Sensory Wine Picture (SWP) on the front label. The SWP provides an alternative or complementary way of illustrating the character and nature of a wine. Each and every individual components found within a wine trigger certain perceptions which can be matched to a unique combination of shapes and colours which are recognised universally.

The shapes and colours in the bottle illustrate the development of the flavour (top) and taste (bottom) from left to right which is not based on a subjective interpretation. 


Appearance: The wine stands out with a bright yellow golden colour.

Aroma: In the nose you can find classic green apple but also a few exotic notes like kiwi and peach are present.

Palate: The taste is dry however with a lot happening around it. A fresh, invigorating acidity paired with a volume that leaves behind a creaminess that continues to linger on the palate.


Bottle Closure: Screw Cap

Alcohol: 11.5%

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