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Kapriol Dry Gin 50ml

Kapriol Dry Gin 50ml

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Kapriol Dry Gin is sugar-free and has a dry and aromatic taste on the palate. The absence of citrus fruit inside makes Kapriol Dry Gin lend itself easily to mixing; our advice is to combine it with sour elements such as lime and grapefruit according to your tastes, obtaining a dry gin but not too much, just bitter, but very fresh and extremely refreshing.

Appearance:  Crystal Clear

Aroma: Presents itself on the nose with fresh and balsamic aromas reminiscent of mountain woods. Juniper and mint combine with the balsamic notes of mountain pine and laurel. 

Palate: On the palate it is soft and persistent, the herbaceous aroma is balanced by the tenuous bitter flavors of hops.

Pairings / Cocktail Suggestions: Kapriol & Tonic, Bordeaux Night, Summer Dream

Bottle Closure: Cork

Alcohol:  41.7%

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