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Kapriol Monte Pelmo Gin 500ml

Kapriol Monte Pelmo Gin 500ml

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Kapriol Mt. Pelmo has a fresh and mediterranean bouquet. The aroma is smooth and enduring, a light note of pink grapefruit are confused by the hops’ bitterness. Kapriol Monte Pelmo has got a little percentage of sugar, thus creating a delicate aromatic flavour. The citrus note makes Kapriol Monte Pelmo perfect for a classic Gin Tonic.

Appearance: Crystal White

Aroma: Dry with citrus notes

Palate: Delicate, with a hint of pink grapefruit

Pairings / Cocktail Suggestions: Siora Maria, London Mule, Classic Gin Tonic

Bottle Closure: Cork

Alcohol: 41.7%

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