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La Riserva

La Riserva di Ivan III Hand Crafted Italian Vodka

La Riserva di Ivan III Hand Crafted Italian Vodka

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Quadruple distilled Italian Craft VODKA with an Italian-Russian story

Иван: Ivan III also known as Ivan The Great. Russian Emperor, in 1474 eager to finish the Cathedral of the Dormition in Moscow. He has called through the Russian Embassy in Rome the best Italian constructors and architects which he has found one in Italy...

It is said that as a recognition for the marvelous job carried out by the architect Fioravanti, the Emperor Ivan III given him two cases of his personal reserve vodka. Inspired by this legend we have crafted a distilled spirit, with an ambitious character and no compromises like Emperor Ivan’s personality.

This vodka is handcrafted in a limited number of bottles, it’s produced without the addition of sugar and it’s not chill filtered. The bain-marie distillation process enhances and respects the raw material, intensifying the aromas and making this product unique. Distilled in one of 2 small 100L copper stills from 1947.

Appearance:  Clear White

Aroma: Intense and strong

Bottle Closure: Cork

Alcohol:  40.3%

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