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Prancing Pony

Prancing Pony Brewery Pale Ale

Prancing Pony Brewery Pale Ale

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Totness, SA
Rich, dark-golden colour with lots of head, malt aroma and big hop flavours. The emphasis is on the hop, malt and fruity flavours. A full flavoured, rich ale without the high bitterness of some more assertive American Pale ales. Definitely a ‘bigger’ ale than the ‘Blonde Ale’ and favoured by those who appreciate a fuller but balanced flavour profile. Also, four-times hopped with more late hop additions in the boil and fermented with American Ale style yeast for more fruity notes. This goes well with full flavour of Asian dishes, fish, seafood and chicken dishes.

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Packaging: 375mL Can

Alcohol/ABV: 5.5%
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